Certified Refrigerator Thermometers

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EA - CC-426 - Digital-Bottle Refrigerator/Freezer Thermometer, -30 to 50°C in 1.0°C Increments (CC426)

Digital-Bottle™ refrigerator or freezer thermometer with -30 to 50°C range and 1.0°C accuracy

EA - CT-158 - Digital Refrigerator Thermometer, 0 to 45°C in 0.5°C Increments (CT158)

Economy NIST Traceable® digital refrigerator thermometer with 0.0 to 45.0°C and 32.0 to 113.0°F ranges, resolution of 0.1°, and ± 0.5°C accuracy in the range 0 to 25°C and ± 1.5°C outside that range.

EA - R-020 - Ever-Safe Non-Toxic Certified Refrigerator Thermometer, -5 to 15°C in 0.5°C Increments (R020)

135 mm-long Ever-Safe non-toxic certified refrigerator thermometer with -5 to 15°C range and 0.5°C divisions

EA - R-803 - Digital Remote Certified Refrigerator Thermometer (R803)

Factory-certified refrigerator or sampler thermometer with digital remote readout, certified at 4.0°C, and with -50 to 70°C range and accuracy of ± 0.5°C in the -20 to 40°C range and ± 1.0°C outside that range

EA - R-895 - Large-Display Digital Remote Certified Thermometer, Certified at 4°C (R895)

Factory-certified large-digit triple-display digital remote thermometer for refrigerators or samplers, certified at 4.0°C, and with -50 to 70°C range

EA - RP-20 - Precision Certified Refrigerator Thermometer, -2 to 10°C in 0.1°C Increments (RP20)

180 mm-long high-precision factory-certified refrigerator thermometer with -2 to 10°C range and 0.1°C divisions

EA - TC-427 - Refrigerator Thermometer w/ Bottle Probe and Alarm, NIST (TC427)

NIST Traceable® refrigerator or freezer thermometer with bottle probe and alarm