EA - D-3807 - E-Pure and Nanopure 4-Module Systems Cartridge Kit Pretreated Water Feed (D3807)

E-Pure and Nanopure 4-module systems cartridge kit for pretreated water feed
Manufacturer: Barnstead
SKU: D-3807
Kit Type:Type I
Feed:Pretreated Water
Kit:1 - Macropure Cartridge, D-0836
1 - High-Capacity Cartridge, D-0803
1 - Ultrapure Cartridge, D-0809
1 - Organic Removal Cartridge, D-0820
Kit & Feed TypeCartridge(s)NCL #
Type I, Tap Feed1 - D-0835 Pretreatment Cartridge2 - D-0809 Ultrapure CartridgesD‑3804
1 - D-0803 High-Capacity Cartridge1 - D-0820 Organic Removal Cartridge
Type I, Tap Feed1 - D-0136 Macropure Cartridge1 - D-5027 Ultrapure CartridgeD‑5023
1 - D-0803 High-Capacity Cartridge1 - D-5021 Organic-Free Cartridge
Type I, Tap Feed1 - D-0835 Pretreatment Cartridge2 - D-5027 Ultrapure CartridgesD‑5028
1 - D-0803 High-Capacity Cartridge

A note regarding feed water for all cartridge systems:

Virtually any type of water, including tap water, can be used as supply water to any deionization system. However, the cartridge use and the cost of operation can be extremely high with tap water as feed water. For example, the typical DI cartridge has a capacity of 1200 grain-gallons. If your feedwater has a hardness of 20 grains, you will only get about 60 gallons of reagent water per cartridge change. In most cases, RO water or distilled water is used as feedwater for DI systems. Using softened water will not decrease cartridge usage, as softening merely replaces Ca++ and Mg++ ions with Na+ ions.