EA - YSI-626663 - YSI ProSolo Handheld ODO/Temp Meter Kit, 4m Cable (YSI626663)

YSI ProSolo Handheld ODO/Temp Meter Kit, 4m Cable
Manufacturer: YSI
SKU: YSI-626663

The ProSolo ODO/T kit includes the digital ProSolo handheld meter, an optical dissolved oxygen and temperature probe assembly (4 meter cable length), and a soft-sided carrying case.

The ODO/T probe assembly pairs with the ProSolo Handheld to form a complete sampling system.

Featuring integral, digital sensors, the ODO/T is plug-and-play which minimizes time spent on instrument setup. Pro DIGITAL technology allows the handheld to automatically recognize connected sensors, so there is no need to tell the instrument what is connected.

Optical Dissolved Oxygen (ODO) technology is non-consumptive, meaning oxygen is not consumed during the measurement. Flow dependence is non-existent and no stirring is required, resulting in the most accurate DO measurements available from a probe. The ODO sensor is not susceptible to interferences from other gases, drifts less and holds calibration longer than membrane covered sensors. Maintenance is a breeze with a simple, threaded optical cap that is good for at least two years.

The ProSolo Handheld features an easy-to-read color display, large capacity memory, intuitive interface, rechargeable battery, and powerful data management software (KorDSS) for powerful, yet convenient sampling experience. Great for surface water, groundwater, coastal/estuarine, aquaculture, and wastewater applications!